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4 Ways to Fit Your Beauty Stash in a Small Bathroom

Having just moved to New York City this past weekend, I’ve had to deal with a lot of changes. Sure, it’s great being in the culture capital of the world with what feels like a Sephora on almost every block. One thing that’s not so great? Adjusting to such a small space! My bathroom is teeny tiny – I realized I was going to have to get creative if I wanted to fit all my beauty supplies in one room!

 If unfortunately small real estate is a problem for you, too, then never fear: even the smallest of bathrooms can be hacked so all your favorite makeup items fit. Even better? It can be done for cheap, often with just a little bit of DIY skills. Try these four tips to maximize your bathroom space (no matter what the size), then let me know in the comments your own storage secrets

Use a plastic desk organize

I’ll never understand why anyone would create a bathroom counter that doesn’t come with drawers! If your bathroom builder lacked the foresight – or if you just really need more drawer space – pick up a simple plastic desk organizer from your nearest Target, Walmart, or office supply store. Use the flatten top to store your hair products, and use the drawers for your go-to makeup items. I save one of my drawers solely for hair ties and bobby pins!

Utilize the backs of cabinet doors

Heating tools can be some of the hardest things to store; their cords get all tangly! Instead of just throwing everything under the sink, use the back of the cabinet to store your hair dryer, straightener, and curling iron. Pick up a metal basket and nail it to the door. Or, get command strips, which remove very easily come moving day, with plastic hooks. Use the hooks to hold by the wires. 

Create a magnetic makeup board

Do you hate rummaging through boxes to find that perfect shade of lipstick? If you’re a makeup junkie, you’ll appreciate the ease of a magnetic makeup board to hang on the wall. Buy a magnetized dry-erase board, or create your own using an old picture frame and a magnetic sheet. Get creative and paint it your favorite color or add cute scrapbook paper. Next, pick which items you want to hang and apply magnetic strips to their backs. (You can get strips at most craft stores!) Simply apply to the wall and you’ve got your own board with all your favorite products at a moment’s reach. 

Make your own vanity

Sometimes there’s only so much you can do in a small bathroom, especially if you’re sharing the space with other people. Don’t admit defeat; escape the bathroom by making your own vanity in another room where you’ve got more space (and where you don’t have to worry about your significant other taking long showers in the morning)! Instead of buying an expensive, bulky vanity, buy a cheap shelf – IKEA is great for inexpensive home items. Pick your wall and hang the shelf at the height where you would want the vanity table to be. Next, nail a cute mirror just about the shelf. You’ve got your very own vanity – and more storage space – for cheap! 

How do iphone camera lens work?

3 in1 Photo Lens(fisheye lens+micro+2X telephoto lens) Clip For iPhone 5

-The 3 in 1 lens is perfect for the iPhone 5. It is delicate and beautiful.

  • –Utilizing high quality multi-element, precision ground and coated glass optics
  • –The barrel of each lens is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and attaches to the olloclip using a lightweight plastic material.
  • –Ensures a secure connection to the iPhone every time you attach the olloclip.

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what is this small chip for?

QI Standard Wireless Charger Receiver Tag for Samsung Galaxy

This Wireless receiver  is designed for Samsung Galaxy S3.  It charges your cellphone effectively so you can enjoy music, movie,and phonecall for a long time.

It is very easy to use. It prevents your cellphone from being overcharged. Don’t worry it will do any harm to your cellphone battery and to your cellphone.


camera lens, just pick one

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Want to have a broad range of features, a large group of people, beautiful landscape and architecture? Or want to have a shot with a close range for small objects?

It is your best choice to choose this 3 in 1 lens accessory that expands the iPhone’s photo types to include fish-eye, wide-angle, and close-up shots.

The Fisheye lens is the largest of the three and Wide-Angle and Macro lens are a precision set , with the Wide-Angle lens screwed on to the Macro lens, which is permanently seated within the equipment.


  •  Slip it onto the corner of your iPhone so that it’s aligned over the camera, and you’re good to go,the camera autofocuses through the SainSonic.
  • Switching among the three lenses is also simple. Let’s say you start with the fish-eye lens (which is labeled as such) but want to move to the wide-angle, just slide the device off and flip it around.
  • Since the macro lens is part of the wide-angle assembly, detail shots are slightly more involved.


Sense+ Life Saving Smartphone Dock

The Sense+ Docking Station is designed to be a potential life-saver. The portable device packs built-in smoke and gas detection sensors to sound an alert in the event of fire. The Sense+ also works in conjunction with an accompanying app that automatically calls friends and family if the user doesn’t respond.

The Sense+ features a photoelectric smoke sensor that is better at detecting smoldering fires (and which doesn’t contain any radioactive material). This is coupled with a second sensor that detects carbon monoxide, a gas that causes drowsiness and makes it more difficult for people to wake up.

The Sense+ is powered by main power, but if the main power goes down it can also run off the docked device’s battery or its own built-in battery. When powered by the main power, it also acts as a charger for the connected phone. The creators say a smartphone dock is an ideal device to feature a smoke alarm as most people keep their smartphone by their bedside while sleeping. The Sense+ is also compact enough to throw in a suitcase when traveling.