Sense+ Life Saving Smartphone Dock

The Sense+ Docking Station is designed to be a potential life-saver. The portable device packs built-in smoke and gas detection sensors to sound an alert in the event of fire. The Sense+ also works in conjunction with an accompanying app that automatically calls friends and family if the user doesn’t respond.

The Sense+ features a photoelectric smoke sensor that is better at detecting smoldering fires (and which doesn’t contain any radioactive material). This is coupled with a second sensor that detects carbon monoxide, a gas that causes drowsiness and makes it more difficult for people to wake up.

The Sense+ is powered by main power, but if the main power goes down it can also run off the docked device’s battery or its own built-in battery. When powered by the main power, it also acts as a charger for the connected phone. The creators say a smartphone dock is an ideal device to feature a smoke alarm as most people keep their smartphone by their bedside while sleeping. The Sense+ is also compact enough to throw in a suitcase when traveling.


One thought on “Sense+ Life Saving Smartphone Dock

  1. wow, that looks really good. Also like the other i-Phone add-on you posted on above, the macro-lens. I will keep my eye out for both. 🙂 Nice blog. Thanks for your visits. Regards from Dublin. -Arran.

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