camera lens, just pick one

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Want to have a broad range of features, a large group of people, beautiful landscape and architecture? Or want to have a shot with a close range for small objects?

It is your best choice to choose this 3 in 1 lens accessory that expands the iPhone’s photo types to include fish-eye, wide-angle, and close-up shots.

The Fisheye lens is the largest of the three and Wide-Angle and Macro lens are a precision set , with the Wide-Angle lens screwed on to the Macro lens, which is permanently seated within the equipment.


  •  Slip it onto the corner of your iPhone so that it’s aligned over the camera, and you’re good to go,the camera autofocuses through the SainSonic.
  • Switching among the three lenses is also simple. Let’s say you start with the fish-eye lens (which is labeled as such) but want to move to the wide-angle, just slide the device off and flip it around.
  • Since the macro lens is part of the wide-angle assembly, detail shots are slightly more involved.



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