Cool Black & Red Ferrari Car Shaped Computer Mouse

car computer mouse

The red color Ferrari car shaped Optical USB Mouse

car shaped mouse

The black color Ferari car computer mouse

One customer who bought this said, “It’s cool, feels good in my hand, and brings a smile to my face when I sit down to start computing.” We definitely second it.

Ferrari mouse car

Front & back lights of Ferrari mouse car at normal room light and in the dark

It’s also great for laptops when you are on the go and prefer a mouse over the small, standard finger pad. It’s not very big, or bulky so it makes way for easy packing into a laptop case. Not to mention a cool mouse to buy and gift to kids and car enthusiasts.

car shaped computer mouse

View of this mouse from different angles

Product Features
* Ferrari car shaped, streamlined appearance
* Shipped from Hong Kong
* High quality and avant garde, four revolvable wheels are true to life
* USB interface is plug-and-play
* Material: plastic
* 3.9″ X 2.2″ X 1.4″ inches
* Designed to make it suitable for both right handed and left handed users.

However this mouse is too small for adults with large hands. It’s size is 3.9″ X 2.2″ X 1.4″ inches meaning it can also be very uncomfortable to use for long hours due to its size. Also there have been complains by those who bought this saying that headlights do not work as advertised and its not very durable.

But its still worth buying. Consider its low price. Its around $3 to $6 dollars depending from the online seller you buy it. And think about its cool design. For the design alone its worth buying this even if you don’t use it and keep it purely for showing off. Further more, most optical USB computer mice are for sale at this price and even more  are not reliable, durable nor ergonomically designed. (If you really want a good durable mouse checkout something like the Microsoft or Logitech Optical USB Mice some of which cost as much as 10 of this cool Ferrari car shaped mice.)


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