[RAVE] GS4, Apple and/VS Android

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In kind of going off of my last post (which is something that may happen a lot around here), is that I would like to talk a bit about the current model of the GS4.  Currently, Samsung has announced that they will be coming out with a performance-enhanced version of it.  Link.  It will boast 2X faster than current 4G speeds.  This will set the bar, and hopefully others follow, developing the technology even further.  I just find it so interesting that they announced this so late in the game.  Why not at when everybody was paying attention when they launched the new device?  Purported processor?  I am glad that I waited to upgrade my phone, and can’t wait for this new device to come out!  Although they announced that it will first be delivered to South Korea.  Until then, we wait for more news on how things…

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