Around the Web June 22, 2013

Therefore I Geek

I understand that tech companies are always trying to find the next big thing that will revolutionize their industry and change the way we live, but I’m pretty sure this one isn’t going anywhere.


I’m also fairly certain Inspector Gadget should not be the man we look to for inspiration. Literally none of his equipment worked right!

Ever wonder what happens to all that tech that we don’t use any more?  Yahoo provides us with some interesting photos of old technology.


I’d love to know how many people actually remember using these.  If you do, please comment.  I’m feeling a little old on this one.

It’s about time these rules got revised. Time for the FAA to join the 21st Century.


The thought that the $500 iPhone that I bought at the mall could screw up a $260,000,000 plane always worried me, just a little.

This is a…

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