Bose gets smaller and smaller with earphone and speaker


At an event rolled out this week in New York City, Bose its first in-ear noise cancelling headphones and a Bluetooth speaker is small enough to in Palm of your hand fits. The lightweight headphones, QuietComfort 20 and the new SoundLink mini speaker can the world a quieter or noisier place, depending on your preference.

The world may be a very noisy place, and New York Grand Central Terminal-with their trains, subways and thousands of human-served as a perfect backdrop for Bose to show how it can attract and also to combat noise.

This week the company launched two new audio products at Vanderbilt Hall in the famous New York City station.

Bose white for a long time for his over the ear noise canceling headphones, and this week the company has its upcoming QuietComfort 20, who have recorded it are its first in-ear noise cancelling headphones.

1.5 Oz


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