Fibonacci shapes iPhone & iPod case

Designs by Daylight

Note: “Fibonacci” sounded cooler in a title than “Golden Ratio,” but to be honest, I don’t know if they’re the same thing. The Wikipedia article is really confusing!

My original idea was to design an iPhone case with a reference of common font sizes and their proportional complements according to the ratio. But then I thought, why would anyone buy that if they can Google it or calculate it right there on their phone?

I decided to shelf that idea for later (probably for a desktop wallpaper) and to instead use the ratio to create shapes and colors. I went back to the color wheel on Color Scheme Designer to calculate the color formulas.

Love it? Click the image below to buy it on RedBubble!

Time it took (Estimate)

5 hours minimum

Listened to

MGMT (Oracular Spectacular album, plus the “Electric Feel remix” on repeat for longer than I care…

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