Whips Of The Future, What U Ridin?


What Does The Future Hold For Vehicles?

@HollywoodSupa June 3, 2013

Check out some of these whips that are planned for the future, most aren’t in production yet. Some are scheduled for as late as 2025. But DAMN they got some cool s**t! From cars that run 100% on battery to cars that park themselves and PICK YOU BACK UP! Check it out…


VW NILS Concept, Made Entirely Of Aluminum (One-Seater)


Toyota Fun Vii Concept, You Can Change The Outer Appearance By Uploading A Pic To Facebook


Nissan Pivo3 Concept, Parks Itself Then Comes Back To Get You Via Smartphone App


Land Rover Defender, Special Edition On Sale This Summer


Ford Evos Concept, Has Built In Personal Assistant


Chevrolet EN-V Concept, Runs On A Lithium Ion Battery (Like A Cell Phone)


BMW i Concept, Featured In Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, 104 MPG


Mercedes Benz F-125 Concept (2025) 105 MPG…

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